Region of Aragon – Spain

Pilot Name: Providing a list of companies/entities belonging to third sector and the products/services they provide.


The aim is to support SMEs with social vocation and responsiveness (social entrepreneurship development, e-health, vulnerable groups, long-term unemployed, migrants and refugees, etc.) by managing, analysing, designing, developing, validating, deploying and disseminating a tool for increasing social responsiveness.


The implementation of this pilot action has several phases:

1.- Collection/location of information.

First the required information must be identified, locating its sources and making sure that it’s ‘open’ and available to be collected. This phase requires to meet the information’s owners –several stakeholders- and to make clear what’s needed.

2.- Implementation

During this phase the information must be collected, so the technicians must define a way to get that information from the sources and to put it together, filling in the gaps and avoiding duplicates.

3.- Deployment

A service must be established to display the obtained data (several stakeholders must be asked about the possibility of using their platforms to do so). After the service is implemented, some stakeholders will be asked to test the service, and, if needed, they may make some comments/suggestions that might be implemented.

4.- Communication

The possibility of accessing this information will be disseminated throughout ITAINNOVA’s regular means, and also by asking the stakeholders to relay it to their potentially interested contacts.