Istrian Region – Croatia (1st pilot)

Pilot Name: Regional centre for social innovation Istria


Creation of social innovation centers, with services for social innovators involving NGOs.

ReCeD’Istria will promote awareness and develop social innovation and foster social entrepreneurship through networking, education and providing information. It will be a service and intermediator for social innovators and the community.


The working group will define the concept of the ReCeD’Istria (purpose, function, functioning, management, business model working plan, financing, sustainability, target groups, stakeholders, partners, etc.) in order to optimize operations and reduce risk and will define the public presentation and concept of the public call “3DI”.

The Foundation Istria will launch the Public call “3DI” for social innovation ideas (innovation idea: public services proposed by the NGO in the partnership with the local government (city or municipality)), but the project partnerships with other organizations (institutions, NGO, etc.) bring extra points in the selection process.

The 3 selected ideas will be developed during the pilot action period, involving more stakeholders, target groups, NGOs, public government and professionals from different fields). Once the ideas are developed their implementation will start.

At the end all of the 3 ideas and their results will be presented publicly, together with the new Regional centre for social innovation.

During the pilot action period the Foundation Istra will implement a PR public action named “Grow your idea” with the aim to force people, NGOs and institutions to think and create new social innovative ideas and develop them.