Kamza Municipality – Albania

Pilot Name: Child Friendly City (CFC) in Kamza Municipality


Embracing the concept of CFC is an excellent advocacy tool for promoting the realization of child rights with local government.

The national and local government in Albania have joined to the “My child friendly city” programmatic frame, to ensure that policies and sectors, and different levels of power/ governments do not operate in silos but combine efforts to ensure that children, parents and communities are active agents of positive changes, their voices and opinions are taken into consideration and they influence decision making processes.

The importance of cities and communities in policy making that directly affects children has increased over the past two decades as the world has become an urban planet. Although national governments remain the primary duty bearers for realizing child rights under international law, recent years have witnessed a growing trend among mayors and local governments to support and speak up in favour of the most vulnerable groups living in their municipalities, including children and young people.

The main focus of the initiative is to create child friendly environment at public spaces in Kamza Municipaity.


-Organizing meetings with Municipality staff, local business and others about the CFC concepts and practical activities that could be undertaken.

-Mapping local institutions policy and activities in line with CFC. This will be done by realizing interviews with local state institutions, by collecting data (via questioners) on children’s and citizens’ opinion about CFC and public spaces. There will be organized 200 questioners in total, before and after intervention is done.

-Building the playground for children in Kamza Municipality, which will be done under the supervision of Municipality engineers and architect. This play ground will be built serving to children with eco-friendly and recycled materials . Social business will be invited for being partner in this initiative to build the playground.

– Informative and awareness raising activities with citizens;