Training Material

Here you can find Training Material about the following topics:

Social Innovation
This topic will provide you with a general introduction to the concept and practice of social innovation. Namely, after completing this topic you will learn about: the main definitions of what is social innovation, also in its digital dimension; how social innovation can foster local development; examples of policies and programs supporting social innovation enacted at European, regional and local level; how the impact of social innovation can be assessed, and how social innovation can be funded through new financial tools.

Social Economy
After completing Social Economy topic you will consider the meaning of social economy and its related aspects including the social economy enterprises and organisations, the existing European regulatory framework, laws and policies as well as other funding opportunities supporting social entrepreneurship, social economy, social innovation. Special focus has been given to social enterprises, their role and their main characteristics and impact in society.

Open Data
After completing this topic you will learn about Open Data and test your acquired knowledge on topics such as: a) What is open data and why we need them b) The Value of Open Data in businesses, governments and their impact on society, public policy, culture and the environment and c) How to find, use, clean, organise and visualize Open Data

Evaluation & bench-learning
This topic will give you guidelines to conduct two different but interrelated processes that are essential to identify needs and evaluate the impacts of your pilot action: evaluation and bench-learning. Both are not easy processes and need to be prepared from the start of the pilot action. This training material will help you improve your understanding of these notions and should provide you with some methodological tools to successfully conduct both processes along with your pilot action.


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