Directory of Collaborative economic initiatives in Catalonia

The Directory of collaborative economics initiatives and the idea of ​​co-operative openness between peers in Catalonia is a pro-commune resource in itself being developed collaboratively and openly in order to map the prominence of procomu production in Catalonia . Some of the best-known cases of procomu production are Linux, Viquipedia, free software, open streets maps and SETI.

The peer production between equals of the collaborative economy is an emerging and innovative production model in which the creative energy of a large number of citizens is coordinated, usually through a digital platform, outside of the parameters of the traditionally hierarchical and mercantile organization, resulting in the public provision of public resources.

The directory currently has more than 1,300 cases of collaborative economics common to Catalonia. The data is freely available in open formats. The directory is supported with Drupal based on free software. Anyone can participate! We invite you to explore and participate in the creation of this resourceful resource for networking and for research in this emerging field. Clicking on “contributes” you can use the search tool to find and edit existing cases or add new cases to the directory. You can also interact with the map to see the distribution of cases in the territory, and play with the data.

The Catalan directory is developed within the framework of the European P2Pvalue project , and in particular the groups in the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and in the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​and developed in Collaboration with BarCola – The Barcelona City Council collaborative economics group – Commissioned Social Economy and Solidarity, and Barcelona Activa – Department of other economies and proximity. It is a local version of a broader directory at European level.

P2Pvalue investigates the conditions that favor collaborative creation and the logic of the value of these emerging forms. The results of the research will be used to develop a digital platform based on a decentralized architecture and the design of public policies that promote common goods.

OrganizationDimmons research group
KeywordsCollaboration, Common, Catalonia
LicenseCC BY SA