Treviso-Belluno – Italy

Pilot Name: Development of a model for the job placement of disadvantaged people in mountain areas


The pilot action brought by the Chamber of Commerce aims to adapt and further develop at a local level the activities and social innovation practices which will be worked out by the Pilot Action of Veneto Region.

The local level includes the Provinces of Belluno and Treviso, which has a rich experience and background on the topic, even if the social changes impacted on this background knowledge and there is a strong need to innovate the “old” model applied during past years.

There is the need to solve the skills mismatch by facilitating the meeting between the demand of professional figures by the companies and the job offer of disadvantaged categories in order to promote job placement. It must be noted that at local level job opportunities for disadvantaged or socially weak individuals can be identified in the sectors of agri-food production and supply and tourist activities job opportunities.


The Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno shall cooperate in the development of the three phases and the transversal activities provided by the Veneto Region. The local community shall support these activities.