Region of Aragon – Spain

Pilot Name: Catalogue of Aragonese Social Economy Entities


The “Catalogue of Aragonese Social Economy Entities” emerges from the need to give greater visibility to the social economy entities in the region of Aragon (Spain), to the activities they carry out and the products/services they offer, with the aim of facilitating knowledge of them and helping to comply with certain criteria established in public contracts.

Nowadays, regulations on public subcontracting are becoming stricter and stricter. In addition, the European Union (EU) has encouraged the establishment of social clauses in tenders, setting a series of social obligations for companies responding to calls for tender. One of these clauses can be the reservation of a percentage of the procurement to inclusive or social economy enterprises.

Until now, it was quite difficult to identify these Aragonese companies and the services they provide.  The information is on lists or databases, which are sometimes private or not accessible or easy to find.

For this reason, the aim of this tool is to make this information available, from a single point of access, to the public -both entities and the general public-, as well as to give more visibility to these entities/companies.


The implementation process of this pilot action has included the following phases:

  1. Technical management of the pilot action

Ensuring the correct and successful implementation of the pilot action:

    • Facilitating cooperation between project members and resource management
    • Coordinating and managing meetings with stakeholders involved in the pilot action
    • Monitoring and assessing periodically the status of the pilot action
  1. Identification/location of information

Several meetings have been held with relevant regional stakeholders to identify possible sources of information (social economy entities’ websites) and to be able to analyse where they were, what kind of information was available, if they were accessible or not, etc.

  1. Web technology vigilance and information capture

An analysis of the different technologies, software and web crawling services that allow the extraction of data from websites was carried out.

  1. Implementation

Technical and functional requirements have been analysed and implemented to collect, structure, store and display automatically information from social economy entities’ websites with an established periodicity. Information pre-processing tasks have been required. A first version of the dataset was generated, and a process has been done to export the information to json (format exportable to excel or csv). Moreover, necessary tests have been carried out throughout the development of the pilot action to verify and validate the quality of the system. The pilot has been validated with stakeholders.

  1. Deployment

A web service and a web interface have been deployed on an ITAINNOVA machine to display the gathered data from the websites of Aragonese social economy entities.

  1. Communication

Promotional and dissemination actions have been made to the target groups of 4-helix model.


The main results obtained with this pilot action are:

  • The “Catalogue of Aragonese Social Economy Entities” tool (available only in Spanish)
  • A dataset  that collects information on social economy entities in the region of Aragon

Currently, there is information on 667 Aragonese social entities.

Access to the tool
Access to the tool guide
Access to the dataset