Veneto Region – Italy

Pilot Name: SVR Community of Practice to overcome labour mismatch

Description: The overall objective of the pilot action is to identify a new way to produce and implement social innovation practices at regional level, coherent with the context and framework of existing policies, but innovative, co-created and based on open data (OD). This objective will be pursued through the establishment of an innovative Community of Practice of strategic actors (quadruple helix) for the territory, who play a role of “generators” of innovative ideas / services on the specific theme of skill mismatch, in a cooperative perspective and with shared responsibilities.

Activities carried out:


1.1 Mapping and mobilisation of relevant stakeholders of the regional context

  • Collection of expressions of interest ;

  • Studying and mapping of existing policies on income support and job re-qualification / re-integration (e.g.: citizenship income, Youth Guarantee, etc.), to define the context within which to intervene;

  • In-depth analysis of the mismatch phenomenon, with a particular focus on the regional area

  • Exploratory research on Mismatch & Education and Training:

    1. E-focus groups – partecipatory tables on skill mismatch

  • 4 e-focus groups with the stakeholders on specific aspects of labour mismatch aimed at deepening the issue of mismatch at a regional level and explore possible shared strategies.

1.Mismatch & Training – How training and development of human capital strategies will change after the crisis” (14th May 2020); 2. “Mismatch & Companies – Needs and challenges for companies in the new phase of recovery and sustainable growth” (19th May 2020); 3. “Mismatch & new risks of marginality – How to prevent and face the labour gap of the most fragile groups (before and after Covid-19) (21st May 2020); 4. “Policies and measures for re-matching, in the field of training, social innovation and inclusion” (26th May 2020).


    1. Participatory workshops of co-design of innovative services

The co-design workshops were aimed at strengthening the Community of Practice and outlining solutions and innovative ideas concerning labour mismatch, through co-design techniques, which foster a participative approach, in order to influence existing and future measures and policies. 3“generative” labs were organized, consisting of 2 session each: 1. DECONSTRUCTION (identify and deepen problematic aspects related to labour mismatch); 2. CREATION (explore possible solutions and ways of action). The design thinking techniques used during the workshops helped the participants to take the user’s point of view in analyzing problems and finding possible solutions.

Τhe main co-design activities carried out with the participants were:

  • Compilation of the Point of View questionnaire;

  • Selection of the Point of View (User + Need + Why);

  • Development of the Why-How Ladder;

  • Identification of areas for improvement/intervention;

  • Evaluation 2 axis chart (Important-Feasible)

  • Individual evaluation (I like, I wish, What if, I will)