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Name of organization Address Website Category Scope of action Short description
La Confederació Empresarial del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya Via Laietana, 54, 1r., Barcelona
Sants (Barcelona) employers’ associations. Regional The Confederació is an empresarial organisation that represents the non-lucrative enterprises, associations, social cooperatives and fundations working on services of persons attention in Catalonia. (1200 organisations)
Federation of Worker Cooperatives of Catalonia C/Premià 15, 1ª planta
08014 Barcelona Business support organization Regional The Federation of Worker Cooperatives of Catalonia (in Catalan: Federació de Cooperatives de Treball de Catalunya) is a business organization which brings together, represents and leads about 3.000 worker cooperatives in Catalonia. They are entirely dedicated to the creation, growth and promotion of worker cooperatives.
Xarxa d’Economia Solidària (XES) C/ BAILÈN, 5 BAIXOS – 08010 BARCELONA Business support organization Regional Represents cooperative work in Catalonia, provide advice and networking opportunities. XES is composed by 183 organisations from different sectors social economy.
ECAS (Entitats Catalanes d’Acció Social) Via Laietana, 54, 08003 Barcelona Social cluster business support, Regional ECAS (Entitats Catalanes d’Acció Social) is a federation of Catalonian organizations of social assistance, which works first and foremost with people who are -or may eventually be- socially isolated. Counts on more than 1.000 organisations.
Dones Directives i Professionals del Tercer Sector v. del Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer, 30, Barcelona employers’ associations. Regional Network of women directors and proffesionals of third sector entities that aims to promote the incorporation of gender equity within the third sector organisations. DDiPAS is composed of 230 members.
BarCola – Node about Collaborative Economy and Commons Based Peer Production in Barcelona Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia (IN3-UOC)
Av. Carl Friedrich Gauss, 5
Castelldefels (Barcelona) Thematic networks Local The goals of the working group are: to analyze and evaluate the situation of the commons-oriented model within the collaborative economy in the context of Barcelona; to map the collaborative economy cases and commonsoriented
models within the context of Barcelona; to elaborate recommendations towards the planning of public policies in that field;and to enhance the dialogue between the social and solidarity economy and commons oriented production. The 56 members are representatives of different types of organisations.
Coopolis Can Batlló, C/Constitució 19-25. BLOC 8, Barcelona Business support organization Local Coopolis have the goal of support the creation of new cooperatives and generate new workplaces within the existent cooperatives. Coopolis also promotes an ecosystem of socioeconomic activity and training to improve the social impact of cooperative. Counts on 6 cooperatives
Dincat Carrer de Joan Güell, 90, 08028 Barcelona Social cluster business support, Regional The Dincat Federation is made up of 290 non-profit bodies working in the field of intellectual disability, offering a three-pronged service: to people who have intellectual disability, their families and their life in the community; to the social and associative activities of bodies that provide support to people with intellectual disability, as well
as offering services in a variety of areas, and to the economic activity of member bodies and to the promotion of social economy.
Ecos, Grup Cooperatiu Casp, 43 baixos
08010 Barcelona Social cluster business support, Local Cooperative group for networking and collaboration. Ecos is constituted in 2011 and now have 17 member organizations, which employ a hundred people and employ
more than 7,000 consumer partners
Clade Grup Empresarial d’Economia Social C/ Premià, 15, Baixos
Barcelona, 08014 Social cluster business support, Local Clade is a group of companies, mostly cooperatives , that come from different sectors of activity and share values and a way of doing, within the framework of the social economy. It is composed of 10 cooperatives