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+RESILIENT 4th Webinar: “Supporting Social Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility”

January 28th, 2021, 10:00 – 13:00 (CET)

Objectives and contents of the webinar

Social entrepreneurship and social responsibility is a very broad theme that can be addressed in many different ways. The approach adopted for the 4th Webinar was to focus on a specific topic – Business models for social entrepreneurship.

This topic is deemed to be useful both for public and private bodies providing support to social entrepreneurs and also for social organisations (profit and non-profit), therefore covering the range of possible interests of +Resilient partners and stakeholders.

In the first session of the Webinar our invited speaker, Boris Golob, will introduce the Business Model Methodology using an approach based on a modified version of the Business Model Canvas, to include social and environmental perspectives.

In the second session of the Webinar the participants will have the opportunity for practical work in groups, addressing issues such as: How to create and screen a social business idea? How to integrate financial, social and environmental aspects in the analysis? How to review/rethink the business model of a social organisation in operation?

The participation in the webinar is open, but registration is required. The agenda is available here.

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